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We hand submit your website to our curated list of active CSS awards sites.

Submit your website to our curated list of directories

Welcome to the original “CSS Gallery List ™”.  Since 2008 we’ve been successfully submitting your projects, startups, portfolios, and client sites to our carefully curated list of directories (CSS Galleries).  Our list is constantly updated to weed out broken sites or poor submission acceptance due to lack of updates.  As usual, we submit your site by hand and send a report via email as soon as submission is complete.

Updated List

Our list was updated on June 17, 2019 to remove inactive and broken sites. This will ensure a higher rate of acceptance for our customers. We now submit to 32 active sites.

Partner Galleries

We include some paid galleries in our submission list. Galleries with a checkmark are ones we submit your site to.

Hand Submission

We always hand submit your site to each gallery within 24 hours!

Submission Report

We send out a report including sites we submitted to once complete, all within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you submit to paid galleries?

A: We have close relationships with some of our paid galleries and include some in our submission list at no additional cost. Please browse our list, the sites included have a checkmark next to them.

Q: When will my site be accepted?

A: We have no control over acceptance since each site is unique. If your site follows todays standards and design trends or is creative you should expect your site to have a higher acceptance rate than a site that may not fit in or exceed current design standards. Sites that are spammy have a lower acceptance rate and may not be accepted on all sites. When submitting be sure your site has a simple title and don’t stuff keywords into the title or content. You will most likely be rejected by many galleries.

Q: Will I receive confirmations?

A: We provide a full list of sites we submit your design to. Some galleries may send out confirmations when submitted to and some don’t. The same goes for acceptance. This is something beyond our control. The best thing you can do is monitor the list of galleries, sign up to their Twitter and Facebook updates because many post when a site is accepted.

Q: Is your submission service done manually, or is it automated

A: Our submission service is done 100% manually by hand, by a real human. We do not use any automation tools.

Q: Do I need to provide a screenshot with my order?

A: You may include a screenshot of your site if you wish, however it is not required and we will be happy to create one for you if not supplied with the order.

Q: Does your paid submission service include galleries that require a fee?

A: Our paid submission service includes free galleries only. You are welcome to use our css gallery list to submit your site to all the same galleries and it won’t cost you anything. Our paid service is for those who want to save the time involved with doing manual submissions.

Q: Many galleries require different size screenshots, how do you handle this?

A: Our submission service includes creating all the various size images for each gallery as required. We will resize and/or crop your image when necessary to achieve the proper dimensions as required by the various galleries. Our submission team will make sure the image looks great at every size.

Q: Why do you charge a fee for submitting to free galleries?

A: The fee is for the time required by our team to manually submit your site to all active galleries. This includes checking the data for accuracy, preparing all the various image sizes required, and carefully filling each submission form by hand. Alternately, you can use our list to make the submissions yourself for free.

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